Comparing Vinyl vs Wood Fencing

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

When you want to fence your home, the biggest challenge that you may encounter before starting is whether to opt for vinyl or wood fencing. The real confusion arises from the fact that the debate is stuck in limbo and therefore hard to define a real winner in a vinyl fence vs wood fence match up. Since both the fencing materials are capable of preventing unauthorized movement into and out of the compound especially for children and pets, which one has the advantage? It is important that you realize that budget is the ultimate defining factor in a vinyl vs wood fence showdown.

When the price is put on the line, the only there could be a winner between vinyl fence vs wood fence depends on what you are ready to spend. When this dead tie of vinyl vs wood fence comes to the installation concerns; there is still probably no distinction because anyone can install the fences so long as they have little knowledge on how to use the necessary tools. If on the other hand it is difficult to install, you can seek the help of a professional to help you out (at a fee).

From a design perspective however, vinyl vs wood fencing shows a substantial degree of difference between the two materials. Vinyl fence is handier in design because they it is used to mimic the design of other fences and for this reason it can look exactly like wood while maintaining its durability. While comparing vinyl vs wood fence, a homeowner can get various picket designs such as alternative caps and spaces. They both can allow for private fencing with no spaces between and you can also replace single damaged pickets easily. The difference however when comparing vinyl vs wood fence is that the former is more resistant to damaging effects of elements while wood fence tends to get discoloured with time. For wood fence panels to be more durable and last longer, they need to be painted while vinyl does not have such problems and can stay without paint for a long time.

Both vinyl and wood are capable of withholding moderate forces and knocks but what actually creates a distinction in vinyl vs wood fence comparison is the clear sturdiness of the former. Vinyl can therefore take more bangs than wood because increased force on wood forces it to loosen or even break. Vinyl also outperforms the latter by virtue of being resistant to bugs and mites while wood requires treatment for it to resist the harms of termites.

The greatest disparity in vinyl vs wood fence is in terms of maintenance in that wood will cost more as compared to vinyl which almost needs no attention. For wood fences to last they need to be painted or stained at least yearly and the nails reinforced if it has been bumped several times. When comparing the price, vinyl is the more expensive option at initial purchase but wood has higher cost in the long run.

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