Keeping Your Home Private and Beautiful: All You Need to Know about Wood Privacy Fence Panels

Wood Privacy Fence

Wood Privacy Fence

Every person and every home needs privacy, so you have to make sure your house is well protected from the prying eyes of strangers, especially those who intend to do you harm. Aside from that, privacy entails you to doing whatever you want in your home, without worrying about who might be watching. Blinds and curtains aren’t enough – don’t kid yourself. These aren’t hindrances to burglars that might be lurking around. You know what you need? Your ever reliable wood privacy fence panels to mark your territory.

What are wood privacy fence panels?
Wood panels can either be made from solid or composite wood products, each with their own pros and cons. Available in different types and finishes, wood fence panels may be used for residential and even commercial purposes. They may be used either inside or outside your home as well.

Aside from providing privacy, these wood fence panels look great with your home. After all, thanks to their popularity, there are now a variety of designs and shapes of wooden fence panels.

What are the types of wood fence panels?
Also known as privacy fence panels, these wood panels come in different types based on certain categories.

Traditional wood panels are the sturdiest but also the most expensive. On the other hand, veneered wood panels are made from composite wood but have a top yet thin layer of actual wood. Vinyl or laminated panels may look similar to veneered models, but these actually make use of wood grains. However, if you’re under a tight budget, surface printed panels are your best bet.

Aside from the types mentioned, pressure treated wood fence panels are also an option. The wood is pressure treated to make it less vulnerable to nature and is usually found in shades of green. Redwood panels exude a warmer aura, and are naturally resistant to insects and mildew.

Wood privacy fence prices depend on the type of material and grain, as well as the manufacturer.

How about designs?
After choosing the type of privacy fence you want, the next step is to pick out a design. A flat top panel design is the usual choice among homeowners; although a composite shadowbox design is better for those who want maximum privacy. On the other hand, a spaced picket fence provides a countryside look to your home.

What else should I consider?
For wooden panels, you have to consider whether you want a painted or stained look. If you want them painted, make sure to purchase a cheaper variety of wood. Appearance won’t matter because they’ll be painted anyway. If you want your fence stained, consider the grain of the wood. Oak and mahogany are good choices in this case.

Do you want it in sheets or planks? Planks are more expensive but offer a more realistic look, but sheets can also be made to resemble planks as well.

How do I install them?
Make sure the wooden panels are installed on a dry surface, especially when using them inside the home. Before anything, figure out if you want them installed horizontally or vertically. It’s best to plan the whole process beforehand so as not to make mistakes along the way.

Keep your home protected and looking great with these wood privacy fence panels!

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